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1. Do you decorate the goods in house?

a. We do all of our own decoration in house at our Waukegan, IL location. In 2008, we decorated nearly 600,000 different locations between our screen printing and embroidery departments.
b. Our in house capabilities, allow us to quickly turn around orders and keep close tabs on our quality, to ensure our customers receive only the best.

2. How do I save money?


a. Brand – Gildan, Jerzees & Fruit of the Loom are your best bets for low cost, good quality t shirts. Check out American Apparel and Bella for higher end t’s.
b. Quantity - The larger the quantity, the cheaper your cost is per shirt.
c. Garment Color – Light colored shirts are less expensive than dark colored shirts.
d. Print Colors – The more colors you add in the design, the more expensive the shirt becomes.
e. Print Locations – Printing on the front and back of the garment is more expensive than printing on just one side.


a. Embroidery prices are all based on stitch count. Therefore, the more complex and detailed your design, the greater the cost.
b. Simple is often better for embroidery; some of the most recognizable brands in the world are nothing more than a simple swoosh.

Promotional Products

a. We offer nearly 1,000,000 different options for promotional products. Make sure to let your sales representative know your budget up front so they can find a product that best fits your needs.
b. Ask to have your product drop shipped. Shipping directly to your location from the office saves time and cost.


a. The biggest factor to save money is time. We can get almost any job completed on a limited time frame, but there are costs associated with those rushes. To keep your cost down, plan ahead and allow us to use the extra time to save you money.
b. Two weeks is the standard production time on most orders.

3. How Long until my order is complete?

a. Our standard turnaround is 10 business days. However, we can typically work with you to get your order done in time for your event. Make sure to let us know if you need the order for a specific event, and we can plan accordingly.

4. What is your minimum?

a. Screen Printing – 12 pieces
b. Embroidered Apparel – 6 pieces
c. Embroidered Hats – 12
d. Promotional Items – Varies depending on product
e. Banners – 1

5. Return Policy

a. Due to the nature of custom garments, there are no returns or exchanges, except for manufacturer defects in the items.

6. Production Proofs

a. Due to the time and cost associated with set up, physical samples are not available. However, we can provide you with digital proofs to ensure that your design is correct.

7. What if I need help with my artwork?

a. Our graphic design department specializes in taking designs from just a scratch of paper to a finished, professional quality logo. Just give us a starting point and we’ll run with it.

8. What are your standard Print Colors?

a. Screen Printing Colors
b. Pantone Matching is available at additional cost.

9. Do you have _____ in stock?

a. No. Due to the wide variety of styles, we inventory very few products. We do however, have a showroom that features samples of hundreds of different products, so that you can touch and feel different fabrics.
b. Our primary distributors are located in the Chicago area, and we can typically get the goods in for your product in just a couple of days.

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